Andy Mineo

Andy Mineo started really making music in 2009 with the stage name C-lite by opening for some larger artists. In 2011 he signed with Reach Records Label and reverted to his legal name for the stage. He released his album “Formally Known” in September 2011 and has since released 3 other albums and a few singles.

Andy is different than both of the artists we have talked about so far. He tends to stick to the fast-talking style of hip-hop. He is able to flow his fast words with his beats on a unique level.

His song The Saints from his album “Heroes for Sale” is a great demonstration of his skill as a hip-hop artist. Throughout the song, he talks about how people didn’t expect him to make it to where he is today. He continues saying, “Tell me give em 2 years it’ll go cold.
But them words got ate like ocho.” Andy wants people to realize that they shouldn’t give up on their dreams just because someone says you won’t make it. He gives himself as an example of this and shows people that he stuck to his dreams and they became a reality.

His song You Can’t Stop Me, which is on his album “Never Land” shows a different approach to hip-hop music. The verses contain more bass than anything with some extra background noise. However, right before the chorus, the song builds with some snare, then drops on the chorus. The lyrics are melded to the beat, which gives the song a great flow. Andy continues the theme of The saints in this song as well. The song’s chorus starts out with, “They try to shut us down, and it ain’t gon’ slide. Only thing I fear is God and he on my side.” Here he is trying to tell people that they should not be shut down by people who talk them down. They should not let those people have an influence over them. The next part of the chorus explains this clearly, “You can’t stop me. That’s all you got? Come on with it.”

Andy has an amazing talent for mixing fast lyrics with a slower beat. He doesn’t make the beat the focus of the song. He highlights the lyrics so they are not lost when listening. Some other song by his that are definitely worth checking out are Uno Uno Seis, Desperados, Ayo!, and Know that’s right.

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