Jonah Sorrentino also known as KJ-52 started his full music career in 2000 with the release of his album “7th Avenue”. Since then he has released 8 other albums with his newest being “Mental”, which was released in 2014. At 41 years old he is still making unique music.

As a white rapper, KJ is constantly compared to Eminem. Most rappers respond to a comparison like this with hostility. They talk about how they are the best rapper and how they could destroy their competition. KJ had a completely different response to this, however. He released a song called Dear Slim addressed to Eminem in his album KJ-52, which was released in 2011. The song is  a letter to Eminem asking him to consider how he influences the youth around the world. He talks about how Eminem is a role model to millions around the world and recommends that he would take that into consideration when writing his music. KJ goes on to say he relates to Eminem’s past and has gone through a lot of the same stuff. However, KJ writes his music with the goal of giving hope to the youth through positive and uplifting music.

KJ-52’s newest album “Mental” may be his best yet. His song Gameface is unique in the fact that it has two parts. The song is an upbeat song about being prepared for anything that comes your way. He sings about how he always has his “game face on” in preparation for that day’s challenges.

A really deep and meaningful song in this album is called, Island of the Misfit Toys. He writes this song to all the people that are looked down upon. All the minorities in this world that need to remember that they are perfect just the way they are. He starts out the song by talking about himself and how he was the awkward nerdy kid in school, who would always be in the search for acceptance. He then goes on to tell how his mindset changed and he realized he was his own person. In the chorus, he reminds all those that are judged as different that they are loved.

This is just a small taste of what JK-52 is about and what he has to offer. Throughout, his 8 albums his music varies a lot, which gives you a wide variety of hip-hop styles to listen too. I would highly recommend checking him out.

My favorite songs by him:                                                                          (Not necessarily in order)

Gameface, Mental, Its Going Down, Fight Music, Facemelt, Island of the Misfit Toys.


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