Healthy Alternative Music

Music is something so many people listen to all day long. People listen to music during work and school, while their studying, during a workout, and almost everywhere they go. It is such an essential part of my life in particular and I know people love it just as much, if not more than I do.

Yet have you ever stopped to really listen to the lyrics in your favorite songs? There are so many people out there who don’t. If you stop to listen to the lyrics of most of the popular bands you will find that most of the time they sing about sex, money, violence, or contain lots of profanity. When we start to listen to these things on a regular basis it becomes natural to think about these things. There are countless studies done to see how these things affect people. However, no matter which one you read about, at the day, the result is always negative. Here is just one example. Despite the bad things, there are also a lot of benefits to listening to music. It can help you fall asleep, study, calm you down, and even stimulate creativity. There are lots of others as well.

So how do we enjoy our favorite styles of music without losing the quality we are used to and avoid the negative themes? Well, one way is to listen to clean versions of songs. This helps a little with the profanity, but most of the time you know what they are saying anyways. Also, this usually doesn’t filter out the negative or inappropriate themes. I plan on providing you with a better and simpler method. I will go through different genres of music and find alternatives to popular bands of today. My goal is to find artists with the same quality music, but healthier more encouraging content. I will give a description of each band and break down a couple of their songs. Who knows you might just find a new favorite band or artist.