Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling is an extremely talented violinist and music artist. Her music is a beautiful combination of classical violin and electronic dubstep. Most of her songs are instrumental, which is why I am suggesting her music for studying. She started out by competing on Americas got Talent and since then her popularity exploded. With more than 8.7 million subscribers and over 1.6 billion views, she is one of the most popular artists on YouTube. Since I am suggesting this for study music I will stick to discussing her instrumental songs.


This song is great if you like more fast paced electronic music. It starts off with some slow piano and some background electronics. To kick off the build of the song, the violin kicks in and really starts to set the tone of the song. The melodious sounds from the violin clearly show that it is the center of the song. After the beat drops, there is a high tempo violin solo that follows. The song gives a great picture of just what Stirling can do.

Roundtable Rival

Roundtable Rival is not just a great song but it has a really cool video to go with it. It takes on the setting of an old wild west town. Some ruffians roll into town with their electric guitars and Lindsey and her crew has to fight them off with music. It sounds really cheesy but you should check it out for yourself. Throughout the video, there are some exceptional riffs done by Stirling. It is a little too fast paced and high pitched for study music in my book, however, it is a really cool video and song.

These are just two of her spectacular songs and she has tons of others. I have recently started to listen to her music a lot while studying and have found I really enjoy her style. I never thought of mixing classical violin with electronic music and dubstep. However, she makes them work together like they were always meant to be combined. Her music just goes to show that there are still boundaries to break in music and sometimes they can create something amazing.

Her YouTube: Lindsey Stirling

If you think I should do a full review of her lyrical music and background let me know. Let me know who is an artist that you never expected to enjoy so much and what about them is so unique?

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