Music Changes Lives

Music can be one of the most impacting pieces of media in our lives. Cultures all over the world celebrate with music and look too music to bring people together. Not only is it something that we listen to with others, it is also something we can rely on in our dark times. Something to give us peace when we need it most. Something that can pick us back up when we’ve fallen. I had the amazing opportunity to talk to Christany and Casey Mack about their experiences and how music has impacted their lives.

In high school, Mrs. Mack suffered from depression and many of the symptoms that came with it. It led her to shut herself off from others and not want to seek help. She felt “trapped” and “captivated” by her depression. “I didn’t want to break free from my depression,” she said.

The one thing that helped her get through these hard times was the music she listened too. She said music was extremely helpful and powerful during the times she was suffering. She was especially moved by the song “My Immortal” by Evanescence.

“The song really resonated with me,” said. Mrs. Mack. “It represented all the things I was going through. I could relate to it.”

She also listened to a lot of music by Sarah Brightman, a former Broadway star. Brightman was previously married to Andrew Lloyd. He was the producer of songs like “Phantom of the Opera” and “Requiem”. In fact, she was the inspiration for these timeless songs. Brightman writes music in a melodic opera style and often in other languages than English.

Mrs. Mack listened to Brightman’s music because “it had beautiful melodies”. It helped to calm her down in times of great stress and sadness. Listening to this music was able to give her a much-needed respite from her pained head and heart. It also “helped me to go to sleep when nothing else would,” Mrs. Mack said.

She started to look up the lyrics to these songs and really get a feel for what they meant and represented.

“There is something very powerful about music and songs that captivate your mind and heart,” said Mrs. Mack. “If you see and understand the lyrics to a song, you can recognize the emotion and meaning behind the song.”

This gives the listener a connection to the song and artist. When you listen to a song and come to understand the emotion and meaning behind it, the song becomes much more than just music to your ears, it becomes music to your heart.

Mr. Mack told me about a friend of his, who had a similar experience.

“My friend suffered from a deep case of depression and self-harm. The only thing that helped him was his music through his guitar. He would pick up his guitar as soon as he felt the urge to hurt himself, which relieved the need that drove him. He is currently doing much better and playing in a band in college.”

From just these two stories you can see that music is much more than a form of entertainment. Whether it be listening or playing, music can be life changing. When music has a meaning behind it that you truly understand,, you live through the melodies and lyrics. Music takes the place of all the hurt and pain you feel and gives you something else entirely to focus on. It relieves you, for long enough that you can process you feelings and emotions then stand back up and know that you can do this.





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